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Mr.K.K.Solanki, Civil Engineer and now owner of Riya Carbons had trained under Coke Oven Consultant late Mr.A.P.Benarji,who had done designing of Coke Oven in Australia and USA. In 1993 Mr.K.K.Solanki has joined Gujarat NRE coke ltd. at Khambhalia in Gujarat.From 1993-2004 Mr.K.K.Solanki has worked with as a Site Engineer in different unit of Gujarat NRE at Khambhalia,Kutch (at lunava,Gujarat) and Dharvad(Karnatak).

From 2004-2007, Mr.K.K.Solanki was partner and technincal director of Western Coke Pve.Ltd. (Porbander,Gujarat). And whole design of Western Coke Pve.Ltd was done by Mr.K.K.Solanki..

Mr.K.K.Solanki has started peronal consultancy from 2007 and sucessfully completed three projects (with Stamp Charging System) and three projects under construction.

Coke Production:
The cokemaking process involves carbonization of coal to high temperatures (1200°C) in an oxygen deficient atmosphere in order to concentrate the carbon. The commercial cokemaking process can be broken down into two categories: a) Byproduct Cokemaking and b) Non-Recovery/Heat Recovery Cokemaking.

In Non-Recovery coke plants, originally referred to as beehive ovens, the coal is carbonized in large oven chambers The carbonization process takes place from the top by radiant heat transfer and from the bottom by conduction of heat through the sole floor. Primary air for combustion is introduced into the oven chamber through several ports located above the charge level in both pusher and coke side doors of the oven. Partially combusted gases exit the top chamber through "down comer" passages in the oven wall and enter the sole flue, thereby heating the sole of the oven. Combusted gases collect in a common tunnel and exit via a stack which creates a natural draft in the oven. Since the by-products are not recovered, the process is called Non-Recovery cokemaking. In one case, the waste gas exits into a waste heat recovery boiler which converts the excess heat into steam for power generation; hence, the process is called Heat Recovery cokemaking.

Under Construction Projects: